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Dynamically unsuccessful, the somewhat different management consultancy.
People often ask: "How can you recognize a serious management consultancy?"
Then it is said that you can recognize them by their appearance and expertise. But expertise does not mean that the consultant can sell the entire portfolio of foreign words.
A consultation must be understood and must work. It doesn't matter whether you talk about workflow or shop floor.
Why dynamically unsuccessful? I could also have called my page dynamically successful.
No, but I didn't want that. Because if you are successful, you don't need any help.
But where does successful start?
Successful people are those who can live on their earnings. Those who are successful do not necessarily have to be rich.
Success depends on many factors.
I would like to show with this page that there are many reasons to be successful or not.
It's not always just your business, it can also be yourself why it's not working.
The worst thing is when your head is blocked.
You just don't know what to do. You find yourself in a mental loop.
You can do whatever you want, it just doesn't go any further in your head.
So what do I do? How do I get out of it?
This page is intended to show you a few ways to get ahead with simple means.
How you can make your everyday life at work a little more effective with simple means.

Oh yes, just by the way. I am dyslexic and have my own spelling reform.
But that doesn't mean that the ideas and advice I give here don't work.

It may not be the prettiest site, but maybe some of the posts will open your eyes.

Just try it, it doesn't hurt and it doesn't leave any permanent damage.
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