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The own company

You want to open your own business? That's a very good idea, if you've given it some thought.
Anyone can start their own business, but not everyone is successful.
What is the motivation to open your own company?
Do I simply want to fulfil myself?
Do I want to turn my hobby into a profession?
Do I want to get out of unemployment or a job that is no fun?

Do I want to become a service provider?
Do I want to find my place in the trades?
Or do I want to become rich?

Let's start with the last point. Everyone wants to become rich. But what does it take?
Courage, sweat, hard work, heart and soul and a lot of time.
God knows I don't want to advise anyone against it, quite the opposite. Personally, I think it's good
this courage. Nevertheless, it doesn't happen on its own.

Do I want to turn my hobby into a profession? Why not? There's nothing better than realising this dream.
But here too, everything is for the job. Even if it is your hobby and your favourite leisure activity.
The hobby becomes work and what you used to do on the side becomes the focus of your life.
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