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Being a boss is not easy.

You've made it and built your own business and you're the boss. Sounds great. But you have to be aware that this also brings a lot of responsibility.
If you have a one-man business, it should be no problem to manage yourself. However, you still have to be the boss. Your business has to run. You can only do that if you put your heart and soul into it.
You also have to be aware that you are the one who ultimately contributes a lot to whether your business succeeds or fails.
It gets more complicated when you hire staff. Then you are not only responsible for yourself and your company, but also for your employees.
Always treat your staff with the respect they deserve.
Don't be stingy with appreciation when they do their job really well, but you should also be able to tell your employee when things are not going well or you are not happy with the quality of their work. Give regular feedback to your staff, but also ask for it on your behalf. Your employees are also allowed to give you feedback.
Only if you know where their problems with you are, can you respond to them.
Pay your staff appropriately. If they realise that you pay them fairly, they will pay you back with good work.
Build a team with your employees. Be part of the team and contribute in the same way.
No one wants the commander-in-chief of the workers' regiment as their boss any more.
Support them with your knowledge and always make sure that they do not reach their limits.
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