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What belongs in a business plan?

Now it almost gets complicated, the business plan and why is it so important?
In such a plan, everything that my new business should achieve and cost is entered.
This is important to avoid mistakes in the planning stage.
Here are the most important points!

1. the idea

2. Target group

Who should be your target group? Who should use your business?
Remember, the bigger your target group, the more people you reach!
Here you simply write the idea of your company in words. What should it be able to do, what should it achieve, what should its name be.
No more and no less.

4. Targets

3. Market and competition

What are my goals? Where will I be after one year, after 5 or after 10 years?
What are my expected profit increases?
Market analysis and competition is very important.
How successful can your product be in the market? Or your service.

What is meant by market analysis?

For example, I want to open a shop where I sell equipment and gear for riders.
My shop is in the middle of a big city. Here, my market analysis would show that the success will only be moderate.
There is little chance that many people will ride in the city. There might be a few individuals, but not to the extent that I could survive with my business.

The competition.

Does my idea already exist in the vicinity? Is there a successful company that already offers my services?
Or can I do better with my idea than the competition?

5. Strategy

6. Marketing

What does the term marketing mean?

What goods do I want to offer?
Which goods should I add?
When do I have to change the assortment because there is a new collection?
How can I increase my turnover by introducing new products?
How long do I need to introduce new products?
What prices should my products have?
How do I want to promote my products or my business?
What and what kind of advertising do I need to launch to make my business known?
How do you want to position yourself in the market? How do you want to manage your company?

7. Law and taxes

8. Organisational structure

With which people do I want to run my business?
Who should take on which task?
What should my personnel structure look like?
What requirements do I need to set up my business?

For example:

Trade licence
Tax office

What type of company do I want to use?

Private company

10. Miscellaneous

9. Financial plan

Various things can be filed under Miscellaneous.

Company logo
Curriculum vitae
Existing documents
Now it's getting criminal ! The financial plan is, in my opinion, the biggest and most intesive item in the business plan!

This is where your business is broken down into figures. The financial plan will tell you if your business is profitable.
At the top is your capital!
How much money do I have available to start the business?

Purchase of new furniture
Procurement of IT

Rent (room costs)
Incidental costs electricity, water, gas
Consumables (paper, pens, folders)
Tax consultant
Personnel costs
Advertising costs
(loan instalments)


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