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My business is not running

If the company is not running, there can be many reasons. But one reason is usually obvious,
Self-reflection. Most entrepreneurs lack self-reflection, or the knowledge of how to run a business.
When things are not going well, you have to start being honest. Because if you fool yourself, you can't change anything.

Possible reasons

Do people actually know my company?
Are there too many suppliers in my field?
Is the quality I deliver right?
Am I too expensive?
The industry is weakening

Who knows my company?

Sometimes the problem can be quite simple. Nobody knows my company.
Why is that? Now you have to ask yourself if you have done enough advertising.
Nowadays you can't get around advertising because there are so many providers.
Here, too, there are many many possibilities. Let's start quite old school.

Print flyers and distribute them.
Place advertisements in the local newspaper. (Regularly)
Advertise nationally. (Regularly)
Yellow pages.

These types of advertising do not cost much money. But still reaches a lot of people.
Distribute flyers around town or put them in mailboxes.

Now we are becoming more modern

Advertising in local websites.
Offerings on public market websites.

Now we are becoming even more modern

Own internet presence
Register your company on "Google my Business

Either you build a website yourself, if you can, or you hire an agency.
Maybe there is someone in your family or circle of acquaintances who can do this.

Are there too many providers?

That's why we need a good market analysis!
How many shops are there that have the same assortment?
How many companies offer the same service?
and and and ...
Am I the fourth ice cream parlour on the market?
Are there too many car repair shops?

Now good advice is expensive. Either I advertise more than my competitors or I simply have to be better or cheaper.
These are all ways of retaining customers and not leaving them to the competition.
Since we need advertising anyway, this is of course one way.
The customer has to be convinced why he should come to you!
What do they get from you that they don't get from others?
These are questions you have to answer. You are of the opinion that your company is the hottest,
but that alone is not enough.

What must he get with you?

Customer friendliness (the customer is king)
Good and fair work.
Good and fair prices.
Work on schedule.
If he gets all this from you, then nothing should stand in the way of success.
Then the word-of-mouth propaganda will also work.

Does my quality fit?

Yes... The issue of quality. Of course, the customer always wants to get the best quality from me and my company.
and my company.
If I have a restaurant, the food must taste good, the customer must get what he doesn't have at home.
Does he get an ambience where he feels good? Where he can simply relax.
If I have a shop, will the customer only get good goods from me, or will the things break quickly?
I always have to deliver good quality to my customers. Otherwise he won't come back and go to the competition.
Once the reputation is ruined ..... Everyone knows this saying.

Services have to meet the demands of my customer. Especially in this area it is very difficult.
Unfortunately, you can't please everyone, but I have to learn to adapt to my customers.
Sometimes you have to go into the last corner and shout out your frustration so that you don't kill the customer.
kill the customer. Always remember that the customer is king.

Am I too expensive?

Nowadays, money is a very important issue, and not everyone's money is as loose as it used to be.
Fair and good prices. Quality can cost as much as you want, if the ratio is right.
Make special offers from time to time, so-called bait offers. So that the customers get to know your work
and learn to appreciate it.
Calculate your prices well, your financial management must fit at this point.
No one wants to spend money on inferior services and if they do, they will probably only do it once and go to the competition.
go to the competition.

The industry is weakening

There are also times when you can't help it very much if the company is doing badly.
There are also times when certain sectors are not in such demand.
Well, what can you do if your own services are no longer in demand?
The only thing to do is to act flexibly, maybe I can do other work during the bad times.
It sounds strange at first, but it's not unreasonable.

Do I have a company with a fleet of vehicles or even a lorry? Maybe I can use it for
transports with it. There is always someone who is looking for a truck, whether it's moving or
transporting things from A to B.
Okay, maybe that's not my job, but why not do some work to bring money into the coffers.
You shouldn't be too shy.
You just need to have a certain amount of creativity to implement such ideas.
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