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Job is job
Sure, a job is a job. It's also important to have a job first, even if it's not fun.
However, if you don't have fun, you don't have motivation and in the worst case it can make you sick.
But what is the reason why we don't have fun in some jobs?
A big problem is our own attitude. Some people don't even give the job a chance because it's not the job they originally
they originally wanted.
How about trying to come to terms with this job? Explore the possibilities of how you can develop there.
Get involved in the company.
Helping to shape your workplace through constructive ideas.
Of course, many will say: "Yes, how am I supposed to shape my workplace?
I don't think any boss is angry if you bring ideas on how to make your work more constructive and economical.
And the boss also sees you in a completely different light! Wow, he's getting his head around it. Maybe you'll bring the company a bit further forward.
Dare to express your ideas.
With a more positive attitude, it's more fun to go to work.
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