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From the idea to independence

First of all, you need a sensible idea and the courage to open a business. That is the most important thing. An idea and an idea of how I want to implement this idea.
What makes sense and what is nonsense.
Nonsense is opening the fourth ice cream parlour on the square. Unless I make the best ice cream there is in town.
The more businesses there are with my idea, the harder it is to establish on the market.

That's why you have to think a lot. Is my idea unique? What does my idea have that others don't?
This brings us to the first elementary point!
The business plan. What is that?
The business plan is more or less the construction manual for my company.
What kind of concept do I have?
What do I have in mind?
Where do I want to run my business?
What are my estimated costs?
What risks do I have?
The business plan is of course also required by the bank if I need a loan for my start-up.
You can't just open any kind of business.
Before you do that, you should find out whether you can just go into the business.

So... the idea is there, the business plan is ready! What do I need then?
The trade licence, of course. You can get one from the relevant city office. I also have to register my business with the
register my business with the tax office. You also have to find out whether you have to register with the chamber responsible for your company.
Up to this point, it was almost easy and relatively cheap.
Read through your documents often enough and constantly optimise them. Often you only notice when you take a second look, that
that something is missing.
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