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The right job

What is the right job for me? Many people probably ask themselves this question. But the choice depends on very many issues.

Do I have a talent for it?

A very important question! I can't become a professional footballer if I don't have the talent for it.
This criterion is of course not only important for professional athletes, but in all areas where manual skills and
or creative thinking.
Now some will think ... I am so talentless so I can't do such jobs. Such thinking is nonsense, nonsense!
Everyone has some kind of talent. If you think otherwise, then you probably don't know what your talent is yet. But that's not a bad thing.

Do I meet the requirements?

Every job has requirements. Be it previous education, skills, personality .... etc.
Find out exactly what the requirements of your dream job are and whether you meet them. If you do not meet them
there are three possibilities!

1- Forget this job (But we don't want that, we want to have our dream job).

2- The way is the goal!
 What do I have to do to fulfil the requirements, how long will it take me to reach my goal.
 By the way, too old is not a knock-out criterion. I have met people at an advanced age who have done everything for their
 for their dream job.
 Above all, be prepared to do everything for your dream. Nothing is impossible.
 The important thing is that you go for it. Whatever it is, do it.
 There are many educational opportunities that you can take advantage of. Where there is a will, there is a way. So, now we have actually gone through all the phrases.
 But it is the truth. Some things you just have to do. Above all, it's worth it and if it's in the direction you're interested in, it's even fun.

3- Convince your possible future boss that you can do it without qualifications (talent)
 Due to a shortage of skilled workers, some companies also hire lateral entrants or try to recruit applicants
 or try to qualify applicants who they consider competent for the job.

Do I enjoy the job?

The fun factor should not be underestimated. If I don't have fun at work, it's hard to motivate myself.
motivate myself. But a job is a job and I need the money... Which is not a bad attitude to begin with. Maybe I like the job after all!
And it can motivate me to continue my education or to look around further, so that I can get closer to my dream job!

But how do I find out about it?

There are many ways to find out about jobs.
The first medium, which I can also do from home, is the internet.
There are countless sites where I can find out about different professions.
Even Youtube has become an important source of information.
But don't just read one site, inform yourself about a variety of sites.
Not every site gets to the heart of the matter, and sometimes unpleasant points are left out.
So it's better to watch sites or films that deal with the topic in a neutral way.
Companies that offer this job often run advertisements that are not very objective.
Everyone knows the Amazon advertisements on television.  If you look behind the scenes, it often looks different.

Then you should use the BiZ. Actually, there is one in every larger city that also has an employment agency.
The BiZ (Vocational Information Centre).

There are also various job exchanges. Enter your CV and your expectations.
Maybe your profile is exactly what the companies are looking for. Who knows?

Another possibility is to talk to people who do this job. Again, focus on the facts
on the facts and not the emotional statements.

A great option is an internship. An internship not only has the advantage that I get to know the job,
but maybe the company is looking for the right person.

In any case, you have to take matters into your own hands.

Your application

The application to a new company is very important. Make an effort, because it is your advertisement. It should be as honest as possible.
What should go into an application? Start with a cover sheet, you don't have to, but the more you invest in the documents, the better the first impression.
Every application should include a date and, of course, what I am applying for in the company.
In your application, highlight your talents and write why the company should hire you. No company will hire you with a 3-sentence application. Furthermore, you should write why you are applying for this job.
Sentences like: There was nothing else available at the time or similar phrases should be avoided.
Of course, your information should be authentic. The boss or personnel officer should already recognise you personally.
Don't try to fool these people. Many (not all) are trained for such interviews, which means they will know if you lied in your application.
If not in this interview, it will come out at some point anyway.
Other documents such as certificates from school, university or training.
Curriculum vitae
References from past employers.
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