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Tips for market analysis

Almost everyone believes that market analyses are very expensive and can only be carried out by market research companies.
But that is far from the case.
So I have to take the reins myself as an entrepreneur.

So, how do I do a market analysis?

Just go to the city or the district where I want to open my shop, my company or my service and start a survey.
Talk to people and ask them what they think of your idea. Maybe you can also present some of your goods or if you want to open in the gastronomic business (snack bar, restaurant), give out some samples.
Yes, it might be annoying and a nuisance to do something like that. MOMENT !!! Why should something be annoying and troublesome that might secure my existence? No business will be successful if you do nothing for it or are even willing to do everything for success.

There are hardly any reasons, or rather none at all, not even to take this initiative, and besides, it's already advertising!
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